Sunday, March 15, 2009

Learning Styles

The quote below gives the summary of the four styles.

I reckon most of my education has been abstract and reflection - thinking about new ideas and applying it or reflecting on it, with another abstract situation.

I our development of training for OSCAR providers, this theory reminds me that I need to get a good balance in the types of learning opportunities and the assessments demanded.

Students should be able to have choices between (Conc) delivering a real life application of a concept, (Abs) evaluating an idea from analysis, (Act)using new ideas to change behaviour or processes, and (refl) reflecting on the outcomes or judging value.

  1. Concrete and abstract perceivers–Concrete perceivers absorb information through direct experience, by doing, acting, sensing, and feeling. Abstract perceivers, however, take in information through analysis, observation, and thinking.
  2. Active and reflective processors–Active processors make sense of an experience by immediately using the new information. Reflective processors make sense of an experience by reflecting on and thinking about it.

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