Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Evaluation importance...

Evaluation is about feedback. Feedback provides valuable information that confirm the path we are on is effective, it can point to areas of improvement and it can highlight redundant activities or products. I define evaluation as feedback for the purpose of changing a practice.

I am familiar with diagnostic, formative and summative assessment, having used both as a teacher and business person.

Quality important in eLearning because:
  • student outcome may not improve
  • organisational benefits may not be realised
  • resources used may have been better spent elsewhere
It is important to acknowledge that quality of a learning process is not something that is delivered to a learner by an e-learning provider but rather constitutes a process of co-production between the learner and the learning-environment. That means that the product/ outcome of an educational process is not exclusively a result of the production process of an educational institution. Quality therefore has to do with empowering and enabling the learner. It has to be defined at the final position of the provision of the learning-services: the learner. http://www.eurodl.org/materials/contrib/2004/Online_Master_COPs.html

Here is a slideshare about evaluating using a rubric, imilar measures to Bronwyn's video.
Evaluating Distance Education: Focus on Online Course Evaluation
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Hervé said...

Craig, I strongly agree with the first sentence in your last paragraph. I have seen the adoption of eLearning tools associated with the responsibility of the learning completely shifted on the student.
eLearning requires active, not passive Instructors/Lecturers.