Monday, December 22, 2008

Special Opportunity - 3D Simulator Interview

I got the chance to interview Evan at the NZ Navy about his 3D work creating simulators for training people with the new engines on the frigates.
The powerpoint on the interview is here (
The audio was recorded with Audacity (see below) and edited with it also. The files are accessible at the site here, on the right hand block of the page - click the files and they will load. Be patient as some files are 20 to 56MB!

You can see a movie of the PowerPoint here on YouTube
The following is the summary of the interview...

3D Engine Simulator

3D Graphic Environment for simulators – in this instance a new Navy frigate engine
Designed to go on an LMS
  1. Optimising to fit the delivery mode – onshore, on a boat, at home etc.
  2. Created from a pedagogical perspective to encourage a methodical approach or process to problem identification and resolution
  3. Accurately provides a model that can be interacted with, providing all the parts to scale and spec, able to be dismantled and put back together
  1. Problem based scenarios that constantly change
  • Mathematically things can happen in simulation that might happen once in 1000 years, only in extreme or unique circumstances
  • Allows learners to download the simulator anywhere, anytime for new learning or refreshing learning
Endless opportunities to reuse the simulation
  1. Facilities available for subject matter experts to interact with learners
  • Collaborative learning, synchronous (at the same time)
  • Coaching on the spot
  • Trouble shooting anywhere, anytime
  • Observation of team dynamic and assessment for promotion and training

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