Saturday, December 6, 2008

I decided to join facebook (
It took quite some time for the confirmation email to come through so I could start finding friends.
Finding friends was like finding some sprats in a massive ocean; there are so many people with my own name... it was harder finding my own mates than the organisational facebook pages that I wanted to join.

To have effective facilitation in a facebook environment I would consider doing the following:
  1. getting agreement on ground rules
  2. asking for ideas, shared resources and experiences on a topic of interest (like a simply links list of appropriate resources like or FAQ)
  3. let friends define priorities for topics
  4. identify expertise in the friends
  5. use other tools (Google Gears and Google Apps) to plan and share understanding and create presentations that are easy to access (e.g.
  6. build a rotation of the role for Social Director on a topic or online event
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