Thursday, December 11, 2008

FOC 2008 Report Back

What were the most enjoyable aspects of this course?
I enjoyed looking at other member's blogs, their resources or links list and the conference planning nots (actually found that more beneficial than the content)

What were the most challenging aspects of this course?
Seriouslly, keepin up to date and on time, and ensuring third-parties that was relying on were on track.

Did the course meet your expectations? How or how not?
It gave me a good intro to the facilitation of online learning, I now know a little more about what I do not know...

What improvements would you suggest?
Break up the online conference into some smaller discrete units; the planning as one section, the topic generation as another (maybe with rationale), the delivery, the eval...

Any other comments?
We have a fantastic tutor running it!

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