Sunday, September 14, 2008

Video of Stephen Downes 2006

I watched the video online of Stephen Downes, talking about the differences between networks and groups. It makes sense.
From an educator's point of view, we're going for a clearly defined "group" to deliver learning opportunities.
But when i am developing learning opportunities, i am clearly going for a "network". understanding the definitions or distinctions will help me structure or provide or enable each type to take part or contribute.
It's all a bit theoretical but I am pragmatic and and finding some good practical ways forward.
It also sounds a little class-struggle-marxist
Unity coordination closed
Distributive - centralised, leaders authority
Technology - TV, radio = one to many, tecnolog that coordinates, stndards, values, podcast, technorati
Unequal power, a spike of power base, creates barriers
Privacy, as a projected power, when a private action is displayed in public, but others ca not act on it.
Diversity Autonomy
openness - bridges not walls
Connective - between members, united in purpose, motives may be different
Technology - personal emails, portfolio, self-directed, blogs, identity, conversations, social networking
different technologies may be used for different types
Equal power, a scale free environment,


Leigh Blackall said...

I was the one who video recorded it and I would say it is very marxist :)
The class system must be alive and well in education.. why else would they call a group of people a class!? :)

Anonymous said...

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