Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Blogosphere By the Numbers By Rob McGann, The ClickZ Network, Nov 22, 2004

In internet life and times, this is an old article. But some conclusions:
- New blogs join the milieu offerings every few seconds, but few translate into regularly updated, comprehensive blogs
- A small percentage of blogs gain a wide readership, and a very small percentage gain phenomenal readership, with readers subscribed and regularly checking updates – meaning the either:
1. A small number have incredible influence over the few – what’s changed, really – it’s just a new forum or context?, and/or,
2. A small number have something of importance to say, or feeling passionately motivated say to say something, and/or,
3. A small number gain the skills, have the network or catch a wave in time to develop a following through good online marketing, or, link with an established membership online (or a membership that can easily translate to online), or, latch on to a topic that has already (or has the capacity to) grab the attention of readers mid- to longer-term, or, write so compellingly on a topic of interest as to solidify their presence as an online opinion that matters.
- Communicable events (sounds like a disease) – these high interest events increase ‘media’ activity regardless of the online status, on TV, in newspapers or on radio, like elections or disasters. This does not mean that blogs have become a favourite source of information and comment.
- People that are normally socially connected or socially motivated (13-19 2,120,000 51.5%) are using blogs to elevate their profile in their own social circles and launch their influence into wider national or international circles, with adult snow able to see, hear and read about a teen’s life as they never could before – social scientists must love this phenomenon and new doctoral topics must abound!

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