Monday, September 15, 2008

Response to Managing Groups and Teams/How Do You Build High-performing Virtual Teams?

Managing Groups and Teams/How Do You Build High-performing Virtual Teams?

Our enterprise could not operate without virtual tools, enabling the ‘team’ to exist. Most of our childcare operations are outside Auckland, where our HQ resides. We rely on txt messages, emails, phone calls and posted newsletters, faxes of system documents and scans of documents t report on work assigned and tasks completed. At times we can no communicate with people in the field because they are slicing organises for afternoon tea, driving a van to pick up kids or they are just out of range. ICT allows us to schedule times for real-time communication and set an agenda.
Because our nation-wide funding round closes in the next few weeks, we have some very clear results we are seeking to achieve. Everyone knows these goals and the way they will be measured. Larson and LaFasto’s ‘4 necessary features’ are extremely relevant. The third feature of individual performance monitoring and feedback revolves around the leadership tasks that individuals report on, such as staying within spending limits; this issue alone generates substantial dialogue as we review the recreational programme provided to our children in care, and how we resource it. Some staff are either naturally god at managing this area of responsibility, some staff require weekly feedback and monitoring. The last feature of fact-based decision making is driven by the reporting procedures, where we may actually close an after school care programme due to low numbers and no apparent, demonstrable opportunity for growth.
At times, we give-up speed of response to ensure we gain accuracy in response. We want real information and might get it a day later than desired, but we prefer to get a real document, with real signatures or numbers, rather than a ‘guestimate’ that is on time.

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Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Craig, great to see these reflections on some of the resources listed in the weekly topics of the course. Just wondering though - are these posts for the weekly topic, or lead up to a post on the topics? It looks like lead up as they tend to focus on particular readings listed. If you get more out of a process of responding to particular readings rather than the over all topic, that is fine - just need to know so I can see how you are approaching each week. Perhaps a title for each post that included FOC08 week number. That way I will know which one is a post for the weekly topics and which one is general lead in or about other things.